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          Company News/ Boiler Knowledge/ FAQ/
          Anytime, Anywhere ,24/7 Service

          Service Scope
          Project feasibility study
          Project design
          Equipment manufacturing
          Installation & commissioning
          Technician training
          Design Team
          At present, we have more than 20 professional designers, including mechanical design, process design and electric equipment design. We can offer whole line design service including design of factory planning, workshop layout, electric control, non-standard equipment, pipe network, etc. Now, we have offered all kinds of starch processing and further processing design for hundreds of companies. According to national standard and customers’ requirements, we can help you design drawings to meet your demand.
          Full set of equipments
          We can offer full set of starch processing equipments according to customer’s requirements, satisfying process requirements and realizing excellent quality.
          Personnel training
          We can help customer to train operators to get skilled in operation and normal maintenance, ensuring production line high-efficiently running. Meanwhile, we can help customer to train quality inspectors to test quality indexes independently, offering strong technical assurance for customers.
          Equipment manufacturing 
          New factory have 4 processing workshops and 179 workers, advanced manufacturing equipments, skilled operators and responsible inspectors all these depend that we can supply top level machines with short processing cycle and long serive life time.

          fangkuai boiler
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