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          Steam Boiler/ Hot Water Boiler/ Water Tube Boiler/ Vacuum Boiler/ Ultraten Boiler / Low Nox Boiler /
          • Integral Condensing Boiler

          Integral Condensing Boiler

          Product Category : Steam Boiler

          Integrated condensing technology, high thermal efficiency, small boiler room, small fuel consumption.
          No cutting extrusion finned tube to enhance heat transfer efficiency.
          PLC intelligent control system with Chinese touch screen control is simple and convenient.
          Scale detection, smoke temperature detection and other early warning devices to protect the full range of boiler safety.

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          product description





          Integrated condensing design to optimize the structure to improve efficiency 


          All intelligent Chinese operation  Running at a glance

          Integrated condensation design, the appearance of the atmosphere clean, small footprint;

          Boiler body using waveform furnace,Furnace radiation heating area than before, an increase of about 12%

          Exhaust heat cascade utilization, and fully improve the efficiency of the boiler;

          Low exhaust gas temperature and high thermal efficiency up to 100%, and the efficiency of the boiler is exerted to the limit;

          NOx, COx, SOx and other harmful substances a significant reduction in emissions;

          High-resolution monochrome touch screen or color touch screen (optional);

          Real-time dynamic display burner, circulating pump operating conditions and changes in the state of the flame, at a glance.

          The Chinese multi-level pop-up menu, so that boiler monitoring simple, coherent, intelligent.

          Chinese fault repair guide, easy to operate.

          5.jpg Lower fuel costs & lower user spending


          A variety of monitoring functions to ensure safe operation

          Original condenser using flue gas waste heat, improve boiler thermal efficiency, reduce harmful substances emissions

          Saving than ordinary boiler fuel costs of several million

          Water level protection, pressure protection, over-temperature alarm, power failure protection, flame protection, gas leak detection protection more than 10 kinds of protection devices, all-round protection of safe operation




          Performance advantages

          Side fast fuel gas steam boiler
          A gas boiler for your efficient work
          Waste Heat Recovery Technology of Flue Gas Condensation
          Access to national new patent certification
          The flue gas temperature is reduced below the dew point by arranging a flue gas condenser at the tail of the boiler
          Latent Heat of Vaporization in Recovered Flue Gas
          Improve boiler thermal efficiency and reduce SO2 in flue gas
          Side fast gas-fired steam boiler integrated condensing efficiency and emissions better than ordinary boilers
          KeyWord: vaporization latent heat; flue gas; secondary heat recovery;
          Boiler thermal efficiency of up to 107% condensate dissolved SO2 NOX reduce pollution

          Technical Parameters

          BoilerType WNS1 WNS2 WNS3 WNS10 WNS15 WNS20
          Rated Steam Output  T/h  1 2 3 10 15 20
          Calorific Value 10^4kcal/h 64  128  192  640 960 1280
          Rated Steam Pressure Mpa 1/1.25/1.6
          Rated Steam Temperature °C 184/193/204
          Rated Inlet Water Temperature °C 20 
          Design Thermal Efficiency 100~104%
          Boiler Weight T 4.8 9.5  10.5 23 37  46
          Combustion Mode   Micro-positive Chamber Combustion
          Combustion Adjustment   Full Auto Two-Stage Full Auto Ratio Control
          Fuel   60# heavy oil/diesel/NG/LPG/City Coal Gas
          Fuel consumption 60# heavy oil Kg/h 65.6  131.2  196.8  656.1 984.2 1312.2
          diesel Kg/h 63.1  126.2 189.3 631.2  946.7 1262.3
          NG     Nm^3/h  66.7  133.4  200 666.8 1000.2 1333.6
          LPG   Nm^3/h  24.4 48.8 73.1  243.8  365.7  487.6
          City Coal Gas      Nm^3/h  135.4 270.9 406.3  1354.3 2031.5 2708.6
           Dimensions  Length mm 3925 4814 5250 7834 8800 9950
          Width  mm 2250 2504 2735 3208 3450 5180
          Height mm 2620 3366 3630 4415 4830 5280
          Feed Water Inlet PN    Mpa  1.6
          DN     mm  25 40 40 50 50 65
          Steam Outlet PN Mpa  1.6/2.5
          DN mm 50 65 80 150 200 200
           Blow Down Outlet PN Mpa 1.6/2.5
          DN mm 40 40 50 50 50 50
          Safety Valve nozzle PN Mpa 1.6/2.5
          DN mm 40 50 50 80 100 100
          Safety Valve outlet   PN Mpa 1.6/2.5
          DN mm 50 65 65 100 125 150
          Chimney Dia mm 64 128 192 640 960 1280
          Electric Power Oil Kw 3.6 8.9 14 34 69 79
          Gas Kw 3.2 8.5 13 34 61 67




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