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          Steam Boiler/ Hot Water Boiler/ Water Tube Boiler/ Vacuum Boiler/ Ultraten Boiler / Low Nox Boiler /
          • Electric Steam Boiler

          Electric Steam Boiler

          Product Category : Steam Boiler

          Green environmental protection electric heating zero pollution.
          Low power consumption, no heat loss, more than 98% thermal efficiency.
          Open the speed of fast running load adjustment range.
          Scale alarm device real-time monitoring automatic alarm.

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          product description


          For the printing and dyeing industry, chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and other enterprises, hotels, restaurants, food production, disinfection, such as steam, but also through the heat exchanger, water heating tank to provide life with hot water







          New heating method, no pollution, green environmental protection


          Automatic sewage function

          The advantage of electric steam boilers is that there is no combustion chamber and no chimneys, so the heat loss is not taken into consideration, the thermal efficiency is close to 98%, and the most stringent emission and fire protection standards can be met. The use of step-by-step input method control of electric components, user-friendly flexibility to adjust the boiler heat. Boiler start, stop speed, operating load adjustment range, easy to operate. The use of high-quality electrical components to ensure that the product life. Boiler use accessories, are selected at home and abroad high-quality products, and by the test furnace test to ensure the long-term normal operation of the boiler.

          The control system realizes the real-time detection of the ion concentration in the water. When the concentration exceeds the set value, the sewage electromagnetic valve automatically opens to realize automatic sewage discharge. The water pump starts to inject new water, which makes the heating surface not easy to scale.

          5.jpg Scale alarm function


          Step - by - step time - input method

          Using patented technology, real-time monitoring of the formation of heating surface scale, once exceeded, automatic alarm.

          Heating element control using step-by-step input method can be uniform heating element life, while reducing the impact of the boiler on the grid system so that the boiler operation more reliable.

          Performance advantages











          Small volume

          Light weight

          Installation and transportation convenience

          Reasonable structure design Thermal efficiency of 98% or more



          Technical Parameters

          BoilerType WDR0.5-0.8-Ⅱ WDR1.0-1.25-Ⅱ WDR2-1.25-Ⅱ
          Rated Steam Output  T/h  0.5 1 2
          Electric Power Kw 405 750 1500
          Electric Current A 608 1040 2250
          Rated Steam Pressure Mpa 0.8 1.25 1.25
          Rated Steam Temperature °C 175 194 194
          Design Thermal Efficiency 98
          Boiler Weight T 1.28 2.29 3.902
           Dimensions  Length mm 2540 1880 1845
          Width  mm 2810 1895 2252
          Height mm 3585 2240 2290
          Steam Outlet DN mm 40 50 80
          Blow Down Outlet DN mm 40 40 50
          Feed Water Inlet DN     mm  25 25 40




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